Sunday, March 9, 2014

The "Perfect day in Vanuatu" poll by Island Spirit Magazine

Source: Island Spirit - Air Vanuatu in flight magazine

Hens Party in Vanuatu

Hens Party Vanuatu Style

Whether or not you intend to hold your wedding in Vanuatu, this tropical paradise is a fabulous option for your Hens Party. Just a few hours flight from east coast Australia, you can leave work on Friday night and be back in the office by morning tea time on Monday if you need to be.

 In Sydney recently, I was heading back to my Hotel after dinner, when I noticed a Hens Party group staggering up a side lane from George Street in the City. It was fairly obvious it was a hens party, the flouro wigs and 'bride be sash' kind of gave it away.

I felt so sorry for this flock of hens staggering along in their too high Manolo Blahniks in the cold wet miserable vibe that is George Street, Sydney on a Saturday night, ready to party with nowhere to party.

Now if they had chosen to come to Vanuatu...
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Sunday, November 25, 2012

How it all started

The Galavanting Goddess Experience is difficult to categorise as it is truly a world unique experience!

Here is the history of how it all started....

I am a Fashion Designer primarily based in Vanuatu, although I do spend part of each year doing some work and study in Paris, and exploring the Greek Islands.

My studio (or Atelier in French) is based at Paradise Cove, a small coral reef cove about 10 minutes from Port Vila - the capital of the South Pacific country of Vanuatu.

Ladies would come to my design studio, marvel at the amazing setting, and would not want to leave.

That got me thinking about - what would my perfect afternoon be?

As a beach lover - it would definitely involve the sea, perhaps snorkeling and kayaking.
As a Designer I never tire of fabulous fashion.
My perfect afternoon would also include a cocktail and an island style high tea - with all the traditional favourites from the English Devonshire tea and cucumber sandwiches - to some very French petit fours and of course some of the fantastic seasonal tropical fruits. 

I love to learn new things so it would also include learning about something new, maybe emerging trends or  how to enhance my quality of life. Of course it would have to include a massage, followed by a tropical cocktail in a freshly filled chemical free jacuzzi.

What I did then, was package all of these ' a few of my favorite things' into an afternoon experience and hence The Galavanting Goddess Experience was born.